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Meet & Greet is an opportunity to ask questions and find out more of what’s going on at our church. You’ll get to hear about different ministries for you and your family, partnerships we have both here in the community and around the world, ways to volunteer and get more involved, and more about what it means to Follow Christ Completely.

There’s zero pressure to sign up for anything. We just want to share more about what God is doing in and through our church and how you can be a part of it. It lasts about an hour and takes place once every few weeks on Sunday mornings. Whether it’s your first week at Fountain City, or you’ve been coming for a while and ready to get more involved, Meet & Greet is for you!


Absolutely! Whether you’ve been here for a couple weeks, a couple years, or haven’t actually checked out a service, Meet & Greet is a great opportunity to learn more about our church and ways you can be a part of it!

what's it like?

Each Meet & Greet takes on a life of its own because each group of people is unique! We’ll focus on the questions and interests you have, but here are some of the main things we’ll go over:

  • Next-Generation: Have little kids? Big kids? Grown kids? We’ll talk about all the ministries we have going on for our next generation. Whether it’s nursery, college, or somewhere in between, we have some amazing things going on for your loved ones!

  • Groups: These groups are made up of around 10-20 men & women (some couples, some single) who study God’s word together and discuss how it impacts their lives in an open setting. We’ll talk about how to get plugged into a group and answer any questions you have!

  • Volunteering: Being a part of a church is so much more than just attending. We’ll talk about ways you can get on a volunteer team and make a difference in someone’s life!

  • Membership: Think you’re ready to join our church family? We’ll talk about FC | 101 and how to join Fountain City Church!

what about my kids?

Meet & Greet always meets when we have kids activities going on! So you can check your loved ones in like normal. Our volunteers will take great care of them until you return! If you have questions about childcare during Meet & Greet, make sure to include them in your registration or the “Get More Info” submission below!

Where & when is it?

Every Meet & Greet is on campus at 2801 Holbrook Drive and takes place on certain Sunday mornings throughout the year. Head down to the RSVP link below to get the date and time of our next one!

How long is it?

The average Meet & Greet lasts about 60 minutes. We’ll have coffee and some light snacks for you as well! Each Meet & Greet is led by one of our team leaders and will include time for discussion and questions!

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